Why informatica etl is successful in data integration space ?

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Informatica etl tool is market leader in data integration and data quality services. Informatica is successful ETL and EAI tool with significant industry coverage.

ETL refers to extract, transform, load. Data integration tools are different from other software platforms and languages. They have no inbuilt feature to build user interface where end user can see the transformed data. Informatica etl tool “power center” has capability to manage, integrate and migrate enterprise data.

Around 19 vendors operating in competitive and niche etl space. ab initio, datastage from ibm, talend ( open source ) from telend, sql server integration services (commonly known as siss) from microsoft, oracle warehouse builder from oracle corp, cognos from ibm are few widely used tools.

Why Informatica Etl tool Doing well?

  • One of major  reason for Informatica etl tool success is its capability of enabling Lean Integration, Lean manufacturing is common concept in manufacturing industry to avoid waste. Informatica also leverage the same integration model.
  • High “GO Live” success rate .Informatica claims the highest ration of successful deployment which it says is near 100%. Product rate of renewal and customer loyalty  (94% and 92% ) is significant from industry average.
  • Easy training and tool availability has made easy resource availability for software industry, where else other etl tools are way behind in this aspect. This definitely helps organization in reducing training  costs. Moreover forming a new team for this tool is not as challenging as others.
  • Informatica etl is moderate expansive tool, where else tools like ab initio is very expensive which has many added advantages in technical aspect , Same time others etl tools are having there own challenges like ease of use, re-usability , debugging, connectivity  which makes informatica as an ideal etl tool.
  • Informatica comes with internal scheduler unlike many other etl tools where one need to use third party scheduler. an added advantage for those who are not using enterpriser scheduler. For many organizations taking a proprietary scheduler is not strategic.Specially if module is in POC phase for business.
  • Informatica follows mainstream marketing strategy where it leverages paper work, press release, web forums and network community. This provides it leading edge in ETL space. Other ETL players believe more on direct client marketing.

Rob Karel of Forrester Research says “Informatica: A Leader In Enterprise ETL, With A Pure-Play Solution”!

Informatica Etl tool |Power Center 8.6 | Components

Component Informatica ETL Tool Power center

Component | Informatica ETL Tool “Power center”


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    • munichandra

      my self munichandra i fineshed B.E(IT) 2012 passout i have 56.8% in ug i completed data stage,informatica courses complted still i did’t get the jobs in that platform plz help me mam

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  • Datastage Training

    It was nice to see the best etl tool which is good competitor for all etl tools.

  • Informatica is a solid tool. The ETL tools market is in general cluttered with many tools that have come and gone, and is in general commoditized.

  • can i make a career?

  • Four Key Metrics To Hold Outsourced Suppliers Accountable – Informatica Perspectives
    2. Lead Time. Very simply, this is the time from initial service request to final delivery. The trick is to be clear how you define initial request and final delivery. Furthermore, it is critical to think about the lead from the business owner’s perspective; the person/group funding a particular initiative. Lead time is not the time from when you send the supplier a requirements document and they send you unit-tested code; lead time should be closer to the time from when the project charter is formally approved to when the project is in production and actively being used. We call this a Go Live.

  • Thanks John,,,, cool inputs :)

  • Hi All, Is it possible to get trained on ETL informatica on the Internet, and if so, where can one get such training? Thanks

  • Hello

    I have no IT background but I know a little bit about Oracle DB and just general computer knowledge. I have found a training center which will train in Informatica ETL tool for one month. Is it possible that someone learn Informatica and cover the course in one month??? Please let me know

    thank you

  • Hey sid,,, yes it is possible to learn informatica in one month …… though there are multiple factors like who is trainer,,, teaching methods ,, hands on ,,real time example etc etc matters …

  • Hi, i am fresh graduate working on .NET Platform, but i am much interested in learning things, ETL is one of the thing i prefer to learn. what is the scope and do i need any basic knowledge on any of the topic before starting it. It would be nice to hear feedback comments from you about my plan.Can i mention this in my CV in future, i don’t think employer will give more preference to the ETL knowledge, if i don have any hand on experience in industry.

  • Hey Nandy, Its a difficult and biq question …. you don’t need any basic knowledge to learn it… Mentioning about your technology interest never harms your CV in fact it reflect positive energy in you … :)

  • can i make a career in this???

  • Iam swetha completed my BTECH in 2012 from ECE background.Till now i didnt undergo any traing institutes .now can i make a career on INFORMATICA .I want to undergo training in some training Institutes for Informatica.Is it a right choice?can u suggest me plz..?i dont hav much knowledge on programming.i JUST KNOW THE c LANGUAGE

  • Software tester

    Hi, I have 4yrs of experience in manual and selenium automation testing, I dont have any experience in ETL testing but if I learn Informatica how about the chances of getting a job in ETL testing field. Please, any one give me suggestion…

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi, I am fresh graduate.I have done my .net package in hydrabad(Naresh i Tech).But my friend advice me for doing informatica.is it good for me or not..??or shall I go through .net..??plz advice me

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