ETL performance testing – An Overview

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What is etl performance testing

Generally etl performance testing is confirmation test to ensure that an ETL ‘system’ can handle the load of multiple users and transaction.  For any project this is primarily ensuring the ‘system’ can easily manage the throughput of millions of transactions.

Emphasizing ‘system’ because the system is the application(s) +Components + hardware + databases + network.

What is performance test plan

Any performance test plan contains some number of performance tests, Like milestone for Go-Live activities (Example: 85k transaction processing in a 90 minute window).

ETL performance testing is not mapping or objects performance tuning.

Interesting and true , if a test is doing well it is like listening to NASA launch, thrill to listen and watch the finale of all this work on the test dashboard. When stuffs are not doing well, it is like Apollo 13 – but that too is a progress, right?

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