Executing PMCMD command on UNIX and Syntax

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Steps to start workflow through PMCMD command, Generally we get below error while executing PMCMD first time. This error actually tells that utility you are trying to execute is not available. 

/usr/lib/hpux64/dld.so: Unable to find library ’1:/home/build3p /PMReleases/90/ HP –   UX.IPF.64/xml /pmxerces2_7_0 /lib/libpmxerces-c.sl.27′.Killed

Step 1: Check if you have PMCMD available. 

If you have informatica installed on your system that doesn’t mean you can execute this utility also, Use below command to find out this utility availability for your informatica installation. If not, Talk to your admin to check that your organization license has this utility in it or not.  

find . -name “PMCMD” –print , Command need to be executed at INFA application  root directory.

Step 2: If PMCMD is available.

  Check if execute access is there for all. User group and others should have execute access to this utility.

Step 3: Configure SHLIB_PATH environment variable.

Bottom line, To run this utility, you got to configure the SHLIB_PATH environment variable to include below directory (Path may differ for your setup).


Configuring shlib_path variable will enable you to run this utility from your UNIX ID in a particular UNIX environment. 

You need to execute below two commands at command prompt to configure shlib_path variable. 

SHLIB_PATH=$PATH:/appl/inform/Informatica/ 9.0.1/server/bin


Now your setup is ready, You can use syntax given in next step to  run start workflow with this utility. 

Step 4:  Syntax : PMCMD Start Workflow 

pmcmd startworkflow


–pv PASSWORD_TEST  # See comments for more info on Uname/Password.





For easy understanding I have kept every pmcmd startworkflow  parameter attributes in new line. You need to remove newline character and keep only one space before each parameter. At last your command will look like one shown in below picture.

Informatica PMCMD Script Syntax

Informatica PMCMD Script Syntax






You are done, you can execute PMCMD.


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  • There is apparently a lot to know about this. Could you update me with your next post please?

  • hi
    how to schdule a script(queries) in workflow session by creating a dummy mapping in designer?
    please explain with example and process

    • Hi,

      Oh thats easy !!

      Create a workflow, from a mapping -> then use the scheduler available in the Informatica Workflow Manager to schedule the same -> its pretty simple and straightforward !!

      No examples are needed – if you still need to be spoonfed – I feel sorry why so many jobs are being outsourced to your country !!

  • maybe this should be mentioned :

    The arguments to -uv and -pv are names of shell variables containing user and password, not the user and password themselves. Advantage is, that this method does not reveal the password in the process list

    The password value given to -pv can be created using pmpasswd, so the real password does not occur in any script.

  • Because, We don’t show any arrogance or attitude in sharing the knowledge.

  • Hi, I am unable to run pmcmd from unix box. getting the
    error ksh: pmcmd: not found Please help. Thanks,

  • Hi,

    i had a small concern about scheduling a workflow in informatica using pmcmd. actually my piece of code works. Just that i wanted to add the scheduling date and time also in the code.

    Some one could help please..?

  • Hi,

    I wanted to run only 1 session avaiable in a Informatica workflow. Does anyone have any idea how do we do that ?


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