Learn Basics of Informatica code migration checklist / deployment checklist in Under 15 Minutes.

Basic Informatica code migration checklist / deployment checklist.  Implementation or Deployment phase is the most challenging stage of an Application development life-cycle. There comes the code deployment checklist handy. (Very important note )The Informatica code migration checklist / deployment checklist generally needs to be started building much before the System testing and required to built iteratively.  An small effort to place a basic Informatica code migration checklist / deployment checklist as initial draft to be used as base to built one as per project needs. I hope it will be little useful :)

Who should read this post ?: advance Informatica users responsible for mega projects deployment. Moreover people who are looking for answers of below questions.
(1) What is Informatica code migration checklist / deployment checklist? (2) Why do you need Code Deployment Checklist?  (3) What is Informatica Implementation checklist? (4) What is Informatica production migration check list? (5) What is Informatica code release to production check list? (6) Who should release the code to production? (7) Do we really need to have some approvals to release the code to production? (8) How to handle in case code release is not successful?

One necessary input: We generally call it ( “Faltu ka GYAN” – Unnecessary conversation ). Main purpose of code deployment check-list is to avoid failed code deployment in production and to have revert steps in place in case of failed deployment.  

 Informatica code migration checklist / deployment checklist

  1. Folder Management. Ensure all the required PowerCenter folders and Application folders are created.
  2. Object Invoice. Have the list of all PowerCenter objects to be moved to production server. This includes reusable objects, workflows, Informatica schedules.
  3. Dependencies. Ensure to devise the order of deploying the objects. Ensure to deploy reusable objects first.
  4. External Objects. If you are calling any batch scripts or shell scripts from PowerCenter session,  ensure the code is moved to production.
  5. Session Properties. Ensure optimum DTM buffer size and cache sizes are calculated and added for production environment
  6. Error Handling. Consider you are doing an initial deployment of the PowerCenter project. Ensure your default session configuration is copied to production. This is a key to implement the same Error Handling mechanism in production environment as in testing environment.
  7. System / Application User. There will be an Informatica user account which is used to trigger and execute the PowerCenter workflows. Ensure the password is encrypted and the user credentials are added as environment variables in production server.
  8. Connections – Database. Connectivity to upstream and downstream systems is very much important while implementing an Informatica application. So it should be important point in your check-list.Connections – Files. Connectivity to upstream and downstream file servers for any shared servers is also necessary to have. Ensure you have the necessary file transfer protocols (FTP / sFTP) configured in production server. Similarly ensure that you have tested the connectivity and privileges to all required systems.
    1. Ensure tns_names.ora entries for the production source and target systems (for Oracle Systems) are available and added to production server
    2. Ensure all the necessary drivers (ODBC / JDBC) are available
    3. Ensure all Database connections are created and tested
    4. I would advice to add database user credentials as environment variables if you are using SQL-Plus commands in your scripts to execute certain statements in database
  9. Sequences. If you are using Sequence Generator transformation in your code, the sequence number of the transformation to be handled before deployment to avoid any duplicates in sequence keys
  10. Mapping Variables. If a mapping variable is used, mapping variable value is to be reset for production environment in case of initial deployment. If not an initial deployment, the mapping variable value from production to be noted prior to the deployment.
    1. If you are doing initial deployment for a PowerCenter, resetting the Sequence key will be a good idea
    2. If not, note down the sequence key from production server on the deployment day, and change the sequence generator to that value.
  11. Mapping Parameters. In case of parameters, ensure to have the correct values being provided in the parameter file or they would be using the default value in the first run
  12. Success / Failure Communications. Ensure you have the production stakeholder email ids are added to send communications when the session succeed / fail. Project owner need to take needed approval from different environment owners to proceed with deployment. Environment owners look for deployment checklist in accordance deployment guide lines. Very important is identifying ‘time of deployment’ which is the part of deployment checklist. Moreover IT email distribution list needs to be identified for pre, post deployment updates. 
  13. Test Settings. It is obvious that coders do add some extra non-functional code while debugging and testing the code like adding some labels, and collecting performance data for some transformations and some times writing extra log files. Ensure to turn them off before deploying them to production.

Informatica Code Migration Checklist v.10

[Steps to download – Code Deployment Check List]

  • Go to link ETLLabs community page 
  • hit like and join-in with ETL Labs other member. 
  • After this facebook page will refresh and you will find a “Click to Download – Informatica Code Migration Checklist v1.0″
  • Now you will be able to download the PDF by clicking button named as “Click to Download – Informatica Code Migration Checklist v1.0″.
  • Please Note : The link s not working if we try to open it in separate tab..if i just press only ON it, I get the right page. Thanks to annamalai for helping us to get it right. above are his valuable inputs. 

Please let us know if you are willing to get something added here.? :) 



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